Career Opportunities For LLB +MBA People

LLB after doing has become a new trend for the youngsters. However, after completing the LLB course often candidates switch over to the management line and pursue the MBA course. The field and scope for both law and management in the country are vast and there are numerous career opportunities available for the people. Hence, due to this reason, numerous people prefer to study the LLB course and then take admission into the MBA program.

Often students who pursue LLB have a common question in their mind -Can they take admissions into the MBA course after LLB? The answer is yes, after completing LLB candidates can get admission into the best MBA colleges in India by giving some entrance tests and have a good career ahead. And to help the candidates know about the extensive career opportunities they would get after completing the LLB and MBA degree, therefore, in this article we will discuss some top career opportunities available for the LLB+MBA people.

Why pursue MBA after LLB

Some people may think that pursuing a master's degree in business administration after completing the law degree may not be the best choice. But there are numerous reasons why one should defy this notion. Pursuing a master's degree in business administration after getting a law degree as an undergraduate is one of the popular choices.

The prime reason for this is that one can easily get numerous career opportunities. Moreover, if you consult an MBA admission consultant you can get a more explicit reason why you should pursue an MBA after an LLB degree Thus, some of the reasons why you should pursue an MBA after LLB are as follows:

• You can get a wide range of avenues and career opportunities after completing the MBA degree after the LLB degree. Both fields have vast scope.

• You can get recruited in diversified job roles in a myriad of sectors. Law graduates with MBA degrees have a higher edge than the other candidates.

• MBA tends to bridge any knowledge gap that can be found when someone works in the corporate field. Hence candidates may also have an extra edge in terms of knowledge and skill in the industry.

• While studying the LLB students tend to develop a rigorous style of thinking and with the MBA degree, they can easily skill sets that require quantitative analysis and teamwork.

• Similarly, the combination of LLB degree along with MBA degree provides the individual with a plethora of ideas for entrepreneurship and this will definitely tend to be fruitful if the individual is looking forward to establishing his firm or organization.

Career Prospects of MBA after Law Degree

The career prospects that are open for the candidates who have completed their master's degree in business administration and graduation in law are not only vast but also very lucrative. If you are finding it difficult to find the career prospects for LLB along with MBA you can also consult an LLB admission consultant who can guide and provide you with more explicit guidance. Usually, the best career prospects after completing the MBA degree after LLB is that one can work in various fields such as corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, corporate governance, banking and investment, management and financial accounts, etc.

The combination of graduation in law along with a master's degree in business administration provides an edge to the candidates and also enhances their proficiency in both the areas which includes management and law.

Similarly, some of the most promising career prospects for people with LLB and MBA degrees are as follows:

•Real Estate

• Law firms

•Health care


• Aviation


• Hospitality and tourism



• Infrastructure

Other Career Opportunities

Apart from the above-discussed fields, people with LLB and MBA degrees can also get an opportunity to work in law firms or any multinational companies as they are looking for dynamic candidates. Now the time has gone where only one degree would tend to be sufficient enough to get a good job. There are numerous multinational companies and law firms who prefer candidates with LLB and MBA degrees as these candidates have more sound managerial skills along with relevant knowledge in the sphere of law.


Thus, you can have a promising career by pursuing an MBA degree after completing your graduation in law. With an MBA degree from your side, you can surely have an edge over the other candidates and work in diversified roles other than the traditional lawyer's job. Your prospects shall move drastically with your MBA degree along with a law degree. Similarly, for affordable MBA admission consulting you can contact any professional consultants who would provide you with more in-depth details and extensive career prospects in this field.

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